Peace in Uncertain Times

How can a simple shift in mindset create a profound shift in your life?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Max Planck, German Physicist

In The Yay! Mindset you’ll discover exactly what this simple shift is and how to gain…

  • A daily attitude of celebration and appreciation
  • The freedom to feel great, even when life is not great
  • A change in your perception of life
  • An easy way to reprogram limiting beliefs
  • A fast way to raise your vibration
  • The peace that passes all understanding

“Anyone who reads this book will be lifted in spirit and mind.. I never wanted it to end… I wake up in the Yay! Mindset every day — it stays with you.”
Joy Taylor, Founder/Owner, Hot Couture

“One of life’s greatest luxuries is finding a book that transforms and brings joy — this is the book!”
Hilary Doling, Editor in Chief, The Luxury Travel Bible

“I love this book. So inspirational… Thank you for helping me on my journey to happiness. That’s what we all strive for.. that’s what it’s all about.

Sandy Tuttiett, Artist, Sydney Australia

“In troubled times, this is such an uplifting empowering read and full of insight.”

Michael Bell, London, UK

Finding the peace that passes all understanding is fundamental to many spiritual philosophies, yet this is exactly what transpired when the authors began using the Yay! Mindset principles.

The purpose of a Yay! Mindset is developing a deliberate, unconditional state of mind. By deliberately choosing how to focus your mind, you can create a sense of peace and happiness that is not conditional upon having favourable life events. This results in a powerful mindset that is not reactive to life’s challenges.

Within a few months of using the Yay! Mindset techniques, the authors began noticing a deep sense of peace, despite having so much uncertainty in their own lives. They also noticed how great they felt, despite having challenging circumstances that were not so great.

Shortly after noticing how peaceful they felt, their challenging life circumstances began to dissolve or transform into amazing and unexpected opportunities.   Serendipity had entered their lives and their struggles had somehow morphed into effortless ease.

Where you choose to focus your mind and the way you label events will determine your perception of life. Your habits of thought create the beliefs and emotions that drive your behaviours and ultimately create your life.

A Yay! Mindset helps you develop new habits of thought and integrate them into your everyday life.

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